Rechargeable Electric Eyelash Pink

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  • 10s quick heating and 2 temperature settings:
  • low temperature -65°C/149°F (green light) - for thin and soft lashes,
  • high temperature -85°C/185°F (blue light) - for hard and thick lashes. Single press to switch modes. For women of all lash types and styles!
  • The heated eyelash curler is designed with an inductive silicone pad that protects your eyelids and skin from high temperatures. It changes color as the temperature rises and is ready to use when it turns gray.
  • The eyelash curler is equipped with a large capacity 230mAh battery, which can work continuously for 60 minutes when fully charged. The power automatically turns off after 5 minutes of stopping use. Powered by C-cable, the compact and stylish design can be placed in a purse, handbag or makeup case.